The Chicky Wok

by Victory Sweet

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Your personality won't fade (but their looks will!)
Come on, do that Chicky Wok thing (make you feel good!)
Forward like a choo-choo train (I think I can!)
Powered by a seismic brain (I know I can!)

wok wok chicky chicky wok wok chicky chicky wok wok chicky wok wok

wok wok chicky chicky wok chicky chicky wok chicky wok wok wok wok

Guaranteed to drive you sane (put down your meds!)
Guaranteed to cure the lame (get outta bed!)
Onward we stroll down the lane (don't call the feds!)
Even in the pouring rain (on your wet head!)


And once you do the Chicky Wok,
You'll feel so okey-dokey,
Like the Itsy-Bitsy Spider, Macarena, Hokey-Pokey.
And if you sing it loud enough,
You'll surely sound precocious.
You'll wake up all the cucarachas
(that means cockroaches)


And once you do the Chicky Wok,
You won't be an outsider,
Everyone is welcome, everyone is getting higher.
And if you feel like jumping off,
You're surely welcome back.
Just listen for the drums
And get that monkey off your back!

You don't need anything but you (no one but you!)
Don't have to if you don't want to (you don't have to!)
But ask yourself if you feel blue (why are you blue?)
And what it is you want to do? (what do you wanna do?)



released November 22, 2010
Written by Victory Sweet
Produced by Will Kahn



all rights reserved


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